Factory Closures

Two Manufacturers i.e. Leather Industries of Uganda Ltd and Mavid Pharmaceuticals Ltd had faced closure by National Environment Management Authority and National Drug Authority Respectively. The reasons for closure were purportedly intolerable effluent discharge and resignation of the company Pharmacist respectively. In as much as both cases could have had some element of truth, the way the closures were conducted was not fair.  There was inadequate investigation of the problem and quick decision to force shut down of operations which UMA felt was not fair.

UMA does not condone environmental degradation; we believe in sustainable use of environmental resources to foster industrial growth and development. But closure was not the solution either. Many other industries have compliance issues but we need to recognize the importance of industrial growth and mere closure is not one of the alternatives. We need to have a supportive approach rather than one of intolerance.

UMA did a lot of moderation through a many grueling negotiations and discussions, and the victimized companies have also made significant improvements at their premises.  Both closures were upturned

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