UMA Partners With Uganda Air Cargo Corporation To Link Export Destinations By Air

Uganda Manufacturers Association has partnered with Uganda Air Cargo Corporation to explore possibilities of linking export destinations by air.

The partnership seeks to promote value addition and industrialization of the economy with the view to leveraging regional integration to export value added products to the world starting with Africa.

In the MoU, both companies agreed to conduct a baseline survey to establish the potential available for exports of manufactured goods produced by UMA members and imports for inputs. The survey shall also establish the target markets for the various products range including the logistical cost structure that can sustain exports in light of global competition.

Recognizing the vast potential for manufactured goods exports to target captive markets that have been hindered by logistical challenges, UMA Chairman, Barbara Mulwana said that air cargo remains a significant contributor to international trade, its value has become more evident in the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Mr. Daniel Birungi, the Executive Director said “I wish to appreciate Uganda Air Cargo Corporation for their collaboration with the private sector. It is always refreshing to see government agencies going out of their way to collaborate with the private sector”

“You came to us and in a relatively short period, we are able to sign an MoU which is agreeable to all of us; on our part like earlier said, we are committed to ensuring that this works out” he added.

Uganda Manufacturers Association’s role in the new collaboration will be to aggregate manufacturing competencies in Uganda through joint advocacy and related initiatives while Uganda Air Cardo Corporation will offer transport solutions to export value added products to the world.

Additional Info

  • Start Date: Fri,13 Mar 2020
  • End Date: Fri,13 Mar 2020
  • Venue: Serena Hotel

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