Manufacturers Braving COVID-19 But Faced With Curfew Obstacles

Manufacturing, like any other sectors have been affected due to the shocks caused by supply chain disruptions, limited access to materials, repayment of loans with no production, shifting production patterns due to disruption of timetables for factory work, cost of transporting staff and above all, a reduction in the addressable market for manufactured products.

Currently, there has been easing of a number of movement restrictions although the extended curfew, which is a very good measure for curbing Covid-19 also, means that companies no longer get to work for 8 hours; businesses now have to work with about 5 hours.

The opening up of public transport with curfew measures still in place has worsened the traffic; thus further reducing the hours within which manufacturers work.

As companies adjust to the new normal, there is need to have a discussion around lifting of the curfew while maintaining other public health measures instituted to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


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