What is UMA Doing About Power Cuts Affecting Manufacturers

Uganda Manufacturers Association is aware of the growing electricity insecurity caused by power outages, surges, spikes, fluctuations, and we regret the toll it is having on your operations.

This is in spite of the fact that the country’s electricity supply currently exceeds demand. Uganda’s maximum demand is estimated at around 600 Megawatts against a total generation capacity of 1167 Megawatts. The issue root of the power problem is an old power distribution network that cannot efficiently and consistently deliver all the generated electricity.

UMA has partnered with an American organization known as Cities and Infrastructure for Growth (CIG) to try and understand the problem and challenge with the aim of providing evidence based value propositions and advisory to the Electricity Regulatory Authority and Government as a whole. This will go a long way in helping Government to identify opportunities and gaps in harnessing the potential of power as a key enabler of Uganda’s manufacturing competitiveness.

As a country, failure to utilize power that has been generated because of outages is such an important matter because it directly contributes to an increase in the electricity tariff. It annuls the fruits of our efforts of advocating for an affordable electricity tariff of US 5Cents.   

The problem of outages is rather complex but UMA is committed to advocating for, not only an electricity tariff of US 5 Cents across all sectors but also a reliable electricity power supply that does not disrupt manufacturing operations.  We are also preparing a schedule to engage the Electricity Regulatory Authority to keep them updated on the problem and need for solutions.

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