Our Strategic Partners

Office of the President

Office Of the PresidentOfficial Website
Office Of the President www.statehouse.go.ug


In our advocacy strategies to ensure industry prosperity we work closely with many ministries, particularly the following:

MinistryOfficial Website
Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development www.finance.go.ug
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives www.mtic.go.ug/
Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mofa.go.ug
Ministry of Health www.health.go.ug
Ministry of Energy and Minerals www.energyandminerals.go.ug
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal, Husbandry and Fisheries www.agriculture.go.ug


We also cooperate with the following Government agencies to ensure that our members businesses are facilitated:

AgencyOfficial Website
Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) www.ura.go.ug
Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)  www.unbs.go.ug
Electricity Regulation Authority (ERA) www.era.or.ug
Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) www.ugandainvest.go.ug
National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)  www.nemaug.org


Development Partners
We maintain formal and informal contacts with the following Development Partners for the benefit of our members:

Development PartnerOfficial Website
World Bank (WB) www.worldbank.org
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) www.unido.org
Royal Danish Embassy Uganda www.uganda.um.dk
USAID www.usaid.gov
GIZ http://www.giz.de/en/worldwide/310.html
European Union (EU)  www.europa.eu


Private Sector Organisations
We hold strategic consultations with the following private sector organizations:

OrganisationOfficial Website
Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) www.psfuganda.org
Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) www.fuemployers.org
Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) www.ussia.or.ug


Regional Bodies
We share experiences and exchange information and expertise with the following BMOs in the region and abroad:

Development PartnerOfficial Website
East African Community www.eac.int
Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) www.kam.co.ke
Private Sector Foundation Rwanda (PSFR) www.psf.org.rw
Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) www.cti.co.tz
East African Business Council (EABC) www.eabc.info


International BMO’s

Development PartnerOfficial Website
Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) www.di.dk
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) www.cii.in
Association of SADC Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCCI)  
Burundi Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Handicrafts (CCIB)
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Sector Statistics



UMA has over 1221 Members in all Categories
Industry Contribution To GDP21%


Electricity Consumption 66%

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