UMA’s Pharmaceutical Sector Calls for Improved Coordination by URA

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Policy & Advocacy

Kampala 2nd February, 2024: The Uganda Manufacturers Association and Uganda Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association brainstormed on how to collaboratively advocate for competitiveness of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector.

During the deliberations, it was noted that members are facing various challenges with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in regard to hefty taxes posed on importation of raw materials and essential machinery.

Relatedly, members highlighted the lack of coordination with URA, which poses a significant impediment to doing business within the sector. Issues were raised regarding the recognition of the Import Verification Certificate issued by National Drug Authority (NDA) during importation, particularly for items such as CPC machines, sugar, starch, among others, which the authority does not acknowledge.

Key meeting highlights:

  1. Pharmaceutical sector to provide a detailed list containing specifications, quantities and justifications why sector inputs should not be blocked during importation.
  2. Pharmaceutical sector to write a position paper detailing challenges faced by the sector.
  3. The sector needs to present a list of required raw materials to UMA for harmonization.
  4. Increase UPMA participation in UMA events by sharing events calendar.
  5. The need to conduct evidence-based research to guide policy advocacy by UMA.
  6. The need to have UPMA members join the UMA’s membership.
  7. Pharmaceutical sector to nominate an UMA Sub-committee representative in a bid to keep informed about the association’s activities.
  8. UMA to conduct frequent site visits to member companies in an effort to be conversant with sector issues.

The Uganda Manufacturers Association recognizes the crucial role played by the pharmaceutical sector in advancing public health and reducing dependency on imported drugs. It therefore, pledges commitment towards advocating for favorable policies and creating a leveled playing field for business stability.


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