UMA Pledges to Support Graduates Through Internship Placements

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Communication

Kampala 1st February 2023: On behalf of the UMA, the keynote speaker at the 74th Graduation Ceremony of Makerere University, Dr. Martin Kyeyune, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Roofings Group encouraged graduands to embrace innovation, creativity and a strong work ethic as they step into the job market. He also noted the vital role the manufacturing sector plays in creating jobs.

 “While our country’s economic growth is estimated at 5.3%, the challenge of generating sufficient jobs for a population growing at 3.2% is evident. That’s where we as manufacturers play a critical role to invest more and create sustainable jobs. But we need to be supported by the Government to grow more jobs,” said Dr. Kyeyune.

He implored universities to equip students with work readiness skills beyond the theory, such as; critical thinking, communication, adaptability, teamwork, problem solving among others.

The association firmly believes that manufacturing and value addition are the cornerstones of Uganda’s economic future. It has actively supported initiatives that promote education and skills development, recognizing the crucial role that well-trained individuals play in the success of any industry.

To this end, UMA in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, with support from the Africa Development Bank, successfully implemented the internship placement of the HEST Project (Higher Education Science and Technology Project). This was aimed at improving the skills of 2000 interns from the nine Benefiting institutions. 3445 interns (172.3%) out of the 3,445 students, were trained and placed and 89% were retained and are currently contributing to their respective fields.

The UMA pledges commitment to working closely with Makerere University Business School and its stakeholders to support the graduates by connecting them with potential employers, through her vast membership. Building such synergies between the institutions of learning is essential for the continued enhancement of skills and knowledge.


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