UMA hosts the Ministry of Finance(PSDU), Agrees on a Working Framework to Support Manufacturing

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Communication

Kampala 24th January 2024: The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) hosted the Private Sector Development Unit (PSDU) under Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) at the UMA Head Office in Lugogo to a strategic meeting aimed at creating a working framework to support the Uganda’s manufacturing sector.

Uganda’s private sector operates below its potential due to challenges such high cost of doing business, weak enforcement of standards and proliferation of counterfeits in the market. Collaboration with key stakeholders is crucial for PSDU and one of the much-needed collaborations is with UMA. This collaboration is vital as it enables the unit to better understand the challenges faced and opportunities present for manufacturers in the country.

With this, PSDU can tailor its policies and initiatives to address the specific needs of the manufacturing sector, thus contributing to the growth and sustainability of Uganda’s private sector.

While delivering his opening remarks, Mr. Richard Mubiru, the Chairman Economics Sub-Committee and Policy UMA, noted that it is a great initiative to collaborate with government in order to address critical challenges faced by the private sector.

In the same regard, he acknowledged fruitful synergies such as that with Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), that has tremendously contributed to the cost of production in the manufacturing sector through the reduction of the cost of power to USD 5 cents/KW.

Also in attendance, Mr. Allan Ssenyondwa, the Director Policy & Advocacy at UMA, encouraged PSDU to actively engage in UMA’s activities. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the private sector and government agencies to address challenges effectively.

Ms. Diana Nannono, the Head of PSDU – MoFPED, appreciated UMA’s initiatives towards promoting economic growth. She pledged to closely work with the association to advance mutual efforts.

Key meeting highlights:

  1. Increased PSDU participation: the need for greater involvement of PSDU in UMA activities, including sector engagements, workshops, and industrial field visits.
  2. Frequent engagements: both parties agreed to conduct more frequent engagements to stay abreast with each other’s activities.
  3. UMA involvement in MoFPED’s projects: UMA committed to participating in the Uganda’s Investment for Industrial Transformation and Employment (INVITE) Project.
  4. Create an inventory on sector challenges/Issues: PSDU agreed to create a record of sector challenges and issues to facilitate faster resolution by both institutions.
  5. Commitment to collaboration: Both institutions expressed their commitment to fostering a conducive environment for the growth and development of the private sector in Uganda.

The collaborative efforts between UMA and PSDU demonstrate a shared commitment to addressing challenges, promoting economic growth, and creating a favorable environment for Uganda’s private sector.


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