UMA Applauded For Excellent Industrial Education Pavilion During Trade Fair

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Communication

Kampala, 1st November 2023 – The Uganda Manufacturers Association’s (UMA) 29th Uganda International Trade Fair 2023 witnessed the grand inauguration of the UMA – Industrial Education Pavilion (UMA-IEP) on 5th October, 2023, by the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda, Her Excellency Rtd. Major Jessica Alupo.

The Industrial Education Pavilion was a vibrant and engaging space designed to highlight the pivotal role of industrial education in driving innovation and fostering growth within the manufacturing sector.

During an evaluation meeting at the UMA Head office, Mr. Mansuli Senyondo, the UMA Chairman Training and Projects Subcommittee noted that, the UMA-IEP was a remarkable platform that focused on equipping learners and the public with knowledge and expertise required to excel in the dynamic and digital-driven manufacturing industry.

Mr. Senyondo appreciated all partners for taking part in the first-ever industrial education pavilion, urging them to prepare early for next year’s Uganda International Trade Fair. 

Themed, ‘Driving manufacturing and trade efficiency through digital transformation and innovation,’ the UMA-IEP celebrated the importance of industrial education in nurturing a new generation of skilled professionals capable of advancing Uganda’s industrial sector.

Attendees had a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on, interactive learning experiences that provided invaluable insights into the manufacturing sector. Through practical activities and engaging demonstrations, learners gained a deeper understanding of the manufacturing sector’s intricate processes and innovations.

The success of UMA-IEP was made possible through strong partnerships with vocational institutions, industry experts, including consultancy firms and manufacturers, as well as government bodies such as the Ministry of Education & Sports. These collaborations were instrumental in achieving the educational objectives and ensuring a holistic learning experience for both students and adults.

While handing over an accolade in appreciation for advancing industrial education, Mr. Christian Gronlund, the General Manager of Cyber School Technology Solutions commended UMA for its for the organization and facilitation of the IEP.

The UMA-IEP showcased a wide range of exciting exhibits, including:

Technology: Featuring the latest trends in virtual reality and robotics, providing a glimpse into the future of manufacturing.

Education and empowerment: A focus on initiatives for refugees and host communities, highlighting the transformative power of education.

Skills and innovation demonstrations: Showcasing cutting-edge developments and skills within the manufacturing sector.

Environmental awareness: Emphasizing the importance of green manufacturing and consumer responsibility.

Science demonstrations: Presenting a series of engaging science experiments.

Student exhibition: A remarkable display of student projects and innovations, highlighting the potential of our youth.

Language arts zone: Offering a wide range of reading materials and storytelling to foster a love for literature and language.

Career guidance sessions: Providing valuable insights into a variety of professions and career paths.

Entertainment: Celebrating the art of music and its significance in our culture.

Showcase of history and culture: Providing an opportunity to explore the rich heritage of our nation, Uganda.

Health and wellness awareness: Fostering well-being and a health-conscious community.

Interactive educational games: Promoting problem-solving, numerical skills, spelling bees, and quizzes to encourage intellectual growth.

The Uganda Manufacturers Association highlights its commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience while simultaneously promoting the growth of industries and advancement of technological innovations, through its Industrial Education Pavilion.

UMA invites industry experts and relevant stakeholders to partner in the 2024 UMA Industrial Education Pavilion as it celebrates 30 years of the Uganda International Trade Fair. Such partnerships are vital in shaping the future of the next generation of skilled professionals, thus contributing the association’s mandate of providing services that sustainably improve economic prosperity.


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