UMA And GIZ Collaborate to Promote Green Industrial Practices

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Communication

Kampala, 24th Oct. 2023 – The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) has partnered with GIZ, a German development agency, under the Project Development Program (PDP) that seeks to promote industrial application of photovoltaic solar technology in Uganda.

The PDP provides free guidance primarily to local companies and business partners in regard to industrial solar usage. The partnership is part of the longstanding commitment to foster technological and economic growth in Uganda, marking a progressive shift towards greener and more sustainable industrial practices.

Over the past thirteen years, UMA and GIZ have collaborated on various development fronts, including skill enhancement, environmental conservation, and efficient energy management.

In an effort to facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building, the UMA organized a two-day training course from 23rd to 24th October 2023, comprising of two major components: The first segment focused on theoretical aspects, with participants learning from various industrial solar service providers, including Equator Solar, AHK Eastern Africa, and GRIPS. The second segment of the tour saw participants visit companies that have already installed industrial solar systems. These were Afroplast Uganda Limited, CoRSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Uganda) Hospital, and Sprouts of Water in Entebbe. This hands-on experience allowed participants to understand the achievements and challenges of acquiring such systems and how best to install them in their facilities.

Speaking during the tour, Mr. Joseph Kyalimpa, the UMA Training Manager, emphasized the tour’s crucial role in ensuring manufacturers have access to reliable, affordable, and high-quality energy for sustainable production and consumption.

Mr. Kyalimpa also noted the two organizations previously run a project on energy management called Green Peoples Energy, where they offered advisory services to industrialists and community-based organizations. The project benefited eighteen UMA members; mainly small energy users (up to 200KWpeak) based outside greater Kampala Metropolitan.

During the tour at CoRSU Hospital Dr. Moses Musinguzi, mentioned that the hospital acquired a solar system (sized 100 KWH with 120 KWH battery storage) with aid from GIZ, which has cut operational costs from over UGX 18m to about UGX 2.5m on power spend, and from over UGX11m on diesel quarterly to almost zero cost.

He added that usage of UMEME has dropped by over 40% and that they hope to make it drop even further to 100% in the near future.

Similarly, Mr. Amos Sangi, the Production Manager at Spouts of Water hinted that their power usage has dropped to more than 50% after the solar installation, thus reducing their expenses on electricity from over UGX 3m to about UGX 1m per month.

The utilization of solar energy for industrial purposes is an integral part of UMA’s broader greening agenda, which encompasses five interconnected pillars: environmental conservation, green energy, green self-regulation practices, waste management, capacity building and awareness creation.  This holistic approach aligns with the global trend towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible industrial practices.

UMA and GIZ’s continued collaboration in promoting solar technology in Uganda’s industrial sector serves as a model for sustainable development and underscores the industry’s dedication to embracing cleaner and more eco-friendly practices.


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