UMA & NEMA Strengthen Collaboration for Environmental Sustainability

by | May 12, 2023 | Policy & Advocacy

KAMPALA, May 11, 2023: The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) hosted a meeting with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to discuss collaborative efforts towards environmental sustainability in Uganda. Both parties highlighted the importance of protecting the environment and agreed on various steps to strengthen their collaboration.

In his submissions the UMA chairman, Mr. Deo Kayemba said that UMA has introduced a Board committee dedicated to spearheading the Green Industrial Agenda, focusing on promoting Green Manufacturing Practices in Uganda’s manufacturing sector and related value chains.

UMA’s strategic objectives include reducing the carbon footprint, encouraging sustainable manufacturing practices, promoting green technologies and products, raising awareness, creating job opportunities, and guiding policy formulation.

The Executive Director, NEMA thanked UMA for hosting them and said that industrial development cannot be discussed without environmental conservation and sustainability because both sustainably compliment each other. 

The meeting culminated with both parties agreeing to:

  1. Both parties agreed to strengthen collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding and fast-track private sector representation on the NEMA Board.
  2. NEMA to support UMA with technical capacity for the Green Industrial Agenda.
  3. NEMA to increase its number of staff to resolve delayed Environment Impact Assessments and certification.
  4. NEMA to automate its processes for faster response to audits and certificate processing.
  5. Hold regular engagements to resolve issues related to certificates processing, issuance of Environmental Impact Assessments and other relevant permits and certificates.
  6. NEMA will support voluntary compliance of industrialists by establishing a Compliance Assistance Unit and holding regular engagements with UMA.
  7. NEMA will also support UMA in implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility Program to drive innovation in plastic waste management, reuse, and recycling.
  8. The parties will utilize the national land-use plan to reconcile historical and current trends for renewing.
  9. UMA’s Green Industrial Agenda will be launched at the World Environment Day Celebrations on 5th June, 2023, and members will be invited to showcase innovative solutions for plastic waste.

The meeting between UMA and NEMA marked a significant step towards a more environmentally sustainable Uganda. Through collaboration and joint efforts, both organizations aim to ensure that Uganda’s industrial growth is not only economically sustainable but environmentally sustainable as well.



    I produce plastic, i wish to see Nema working with us more as manufacturers. Its very good for uma and Nema to work together please continue

    • Ernest Kasule

      We need to see Nema initiate and support plus reward voluntary compliance like other regulators eg URA where compliant organisations are recognised as AEOs .This will further strengthen environmental sustainability within the private sector .


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