The 28th Uganda International Trade Fair

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It’s a beehive at the UMA show Grounds with preparations being made to kickstart the 28th Uganda International Trade Fair on 3rd October 2022 to 10th October 2022. The eight-day event follows a two-year hiatus occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and its attendant restrictions to mitigate its spread globally. The uniqueness of the fair is in ability to offer in-person feel and touch of the products that is accustomed to majority Ugandans. While we considered to have an online exhibition, it was short of this experience.

The UMA 28th Uganda International Trade Fair which will take place from Monday 3rd to Monday 10th October, 2022, is one of the biggest national calendar events that has grown tremendously over the last 28 years, attracting local and international manufacturers, traders, distributors from almost every business sector; with an average of 300,000 visitors. The public awareness of the exhibitors arising out of their participation has resulted in the growth of numerous brands and companies that started off as startups in the trade fair and now enjoy national, regional and international brand recognition.

In the wake of closed borders, the pandemic highlighted the need for import substitution for economies like Uganda that heavily relied on importation.  We, as the UMA, are delighted to spotlight our locally made products with grown capacities from every sector at the 28th Uganda International Trade Fair.

Themed; “Business recovery by harnessing local sourcing and deepening value chains integration” this trade fair has cast a spotlight on the industrialists; creativity, innovations and value addition in agro-processing, construction, pharmaceutical, among other sectors.

This theme is a reinforcement of our call to the government to prioritize local sourcing through public procurement. By increasing the reservation guidelines for sectors such as cables, Iron & steel, textile, cement, transformers, furniture and many others we are confident that this will not only help businesses to recover, but will fulfill the aspirations enshrined in the National Development Plan III that speak to growth in jobs, exports and growth of the country as a whole.

With the operationalization of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), exhibitions like this present an integrated market platform for business to grow their market share and ink partnerships with both local and international participants.

This year’s trade fair marks the 60 years’ milestone of Uganda’s independence and a reflection of our economic history that is bred from persistence, hard work, creativity and resilience that has steered our economy from a net importer of goods to an exporter of products such as steel products, household item, pharmaceutical, foam, textiles, leather products, LPG gas, the list is endless.

Please come and support the exhibitors at the fair.

Event Details:

  1. Event: 28th Uganda International Trade Fair 2022
  2. Dates: 3rd – 10th October 2022
  3. Theme: “Business recovery by harnessing local sourcing and deepening value chain integration”

Brief update on bookings:

Confirmed Number of Participants: 920 exhibitors: Currently at 100% of booked stalls both indoor and outdoor.

International Participants from: 25 Countries; from Kenya, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, UAE, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Netherlands, Somalia, Iran, Morocco, Bangladesh, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Jordan Tunisia among others.

Local Exhibitors: 800

International Exhibitors: 120

Expected show visitors: 300,000shs.

UGITF Sponsors:

Platinum sponsors: TotalEnergies, Tembo Steels, Science Technology and Innovation Secretariat.

Gold sponsors: Madhavani Group, NBS Tv

Silver Sponsors: Coca-cola Beverages Africa

Objectives of the Trade Fair

  1. To promote locally manufactured products
  2. To provide a platform for brand exposure and connection to consumers. 
  3. To contribute to business activities and promotion of investment in Uganda. Trade Fairs are one way through which we can expand Uganda’s industrial capacity, hence creating employment and expanding the Government’s revenue base.
  4. To facilitate Business to Business linkages (B2B) whereby the UGITF brings foreign manufacturers and suppliers of products from all over the world to show case their products and enable businessmen to interact with them and save on travel costs abroad, become agents and also learn from them.
  5. To provide product launch opportunities: For any business that wishes to introduce a new product to a bigger audience, the UGITF is the ultimate opportunity which makes the face-to-face interaction possible.
  6. To provide a platform for benchmarking of the locally manufactured goods with those that are imported, in order to improve the quality of our local products.
  7. To provide benchmarking opportunities: Exhibitors will have the opportunity to evaluate their competitiveness through exhibiting with their sector players in the UGITF.  Through this, they will be able to learn new ideas, products and trends from their competitors locally and internationally. This knowledge has the ability to improved creativity and innovation of businesses.
  8. To create opportunities for exhibitors to acquire spontaneous orders which they can negotiate and settle in real time to increase their sales revenue.

B2B Meetings & Trainings

UMA in collaboration with Science Technology and Innovation Secretariat, Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) have organized business training workshops to run concurrently during the trade fair.

The Netherlands Embassy has organized specialized trainings in agro-processing and related value chains for show visitors.

Guided Tours for School children

We have organized guided tours for school children from 6th to 8th for them appreciate locally made products and to learn the different value chains of participating sectors. These include; food and beverages; steel sector; leather sector; textiles among others.

Entertainment during UGITF 2022

We have a line-up of artists and comedians who will entertain the show visitors at the main event stage on all the 8 days: These include: Weasel, Baza Baza, among others.

A Kids Park with all sorts of Children’s games, music and drama.

  • Merry Go Rounds both for adults and children
  • Bouncing castles and face painting for children
  • Speed Motor bike that is rode in a funnel
  • Game machines
  • Experiential marketing 


We are aware of the security concerns and have made provisions to address this issue. Security on the grounds has been beefed up for the last 2 months and this will even be strengthened during the trade fair. All the Government security Agencies are on ground and these are being coordinated by the Uganda Police Force.


Gate Management:

Entry tickets will be bought from U-trax agents at the entry booths. In a bid to avoid unnecessary long queues at entry points, U-trax has planned for more than 10 selling points at all the 5 gates to the show grounds. Tickets go for 10,000shs only.

Entrance of Vehicles during the Show:

Vehicles ferrying exhibits will be allowed into the Show Grounds between 6.00am to 9.00am every day. After off-loading the merchandise, vehicles must vacate the showground and park in the fields that are adjacent to Game stores.

Fire Brigade:

We have a Fire engine that will be stationed 25 hours at the Show Grounds. This is to be manned by Uganda Police personnel.

Cleaning Services:

Norema Services Ltd will clean the show grounds, wash rooms and remove all the garbage from the grounds. Washrooms will have fulltime attention.

Traffic Police Personnel:

These will be deployed inside and outside the show grounds, to ensure smooth floor of traffic in and out of the show grounds.

Parking Area:

UTODA will handle the car parking and ensure orderly parking in the designated car park area (grounds opposite Game). We have made provision for car parking stickers to the exhibitors to ease access to the grounds.

TotalEnergies, our platinum sponsor, has set up a service check point for showgoers during the eight days of the event.

First Aid Services:

To be provided by Uganda Red Cross Society and Uganda Police Medical Services have been contracted to provide full time Medical Doctors, Nurses and Ambulances.

Standard Operating Procedures for safety:

We wish to reassure the exhibitors and the general public of the safety measures instituted to ensure safety of person entering the show grounds. We have set up hand washing facilities and temperature checks to monitor any imminent cases.

Public Liability Insurance:

To be provided by Statewide Insurance Company Ltd (SWICO).

Official Opening & Closing Ceremony:

The official opening is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 5th October, 2022 starting a 10: 00am with the closing ceremony on 10th October 2022 starting at 10:00am.

Secretary General for Africa Continental Free Trade Area: H.E Wamkele Mene who will grace the Opening ceremony on 5th October 2022.

H.E Yoweri K. Museveni who will grace the closing ceremony alongside three Heads of State on the 10th October 2022.

Other Special Guests:

Special arrangements have been made to host business people from the EAC, Intra-Africa and International guests for them to appreciate our locally grown capacity in the manufacturing sector.

I wish to invite all members of the public to come and be part of the 28th Uganda International Trade Fair 3rd – 10th October, 2022.

We also urge you to follow our social media platforms for real-time updates of UGITF. Facebook: @UgandaManufacturersAssociation Twitter: @newsUMA with the #UgTradeFair22


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